The Sonehri Masjid also known as Golden Mosque in the Kashmiri Bazar stands on the masonry platform, about a storey above the level of the road, which it overlooks. It is a remarkably handsome and elegant building, and with smallness of size combines perfect symmetry of form.

The founder of Mosque was Nawab Syed Bhikari Khan Son of Roshan-ud-Daula Turrabaz Khan. He built the mosque in 1749 A.D. Located in Chowk Kashmiri bazaar, off Rang Mehal the mosque was planned and built amidst controversy. Built by Nawab Mir syed Bhakari Khan the Naib Subedar of Lahore in the period when subedar was Mir Moinul Mulk, also known as Mir Munnoo, in the reign of the Emperor Mohammad Shah. This was the year 1163 hijra, among 340 years ago. Syed Bhakari was a simple Sufi and religious minded person interested in literature and fine arts.